The Reels I hid in my Instagram main feed are still showing in my UNUM feed

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A few UNUM members have reported that even if they use the Hide Reels toggle feature, some Reels are still showing on their UNUM feed. As it turns out, this is an Instagram-specific issue where, sometimes, the data from Instagram is incorrect, and a few Reels slip past the filter and are marked as regular posts. This is why they still remain on the main feed.

Although this is something beyond the control of UNUM, we have managed to find a workaround for you!

For those said Reels, we can manually hide them by selecting them and tapping Hide on the toolbar above. That way, your UNUM feed will only show your main IG grid posts.



A good way to always stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes is to have the latest version of the app. Sometimes, the UNUM Care Team may suggest that you delete and reinstall the app in order for a bug to be fixed.

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  • There is not a 'hide' button for reels on UNUM