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Instagram's top creators and teams use UNUM to stand out. Here's how you can too: 


How to use UNUM for Instagram:

Step 1: Connect Your Instagram Profile

A connected Instagram profile lets you

๐Ÿ“† Schedule Your Posts:
+ Autopost Instagram Feed Posts
+ Autopost Instagram Carousel Posts
+ Autopost Instagram Reels/Video Posts

๐Ÿ“Š Unlock Profile Insights
+ Discover your best times to post
+ See your top performing hashtags
+ Track your followers
+ and more!

โœ๏ธ Plan with Your Profile Feed
+ Connect your Feed to a Space to visually create and plan your feed posts


  1. How to connect an Instagram Business Account to UNUM (Recommended)
  2. How to connect an Instagram Personal Account to UNUM 

Step 2: Create Posts for Instagram

Your UNUM is easy to create, edit, schedule, and share posts on Instagram. 

Have Content?

Add posts from your device

  1. Click 'Add' to Space
  2. Find and upload all your photos and videos

Need Content?

Discover millions of copyright free photos and videos from our partners

  1. Add Pexel Photos/Videos
  2. Add Unsplash Photos/Videos

Have an Idea?

Ideas are great placeholders for your content that you don't yet have, want to create, or don't want to forget to post. 

  1. Click 'Add' to Space
  2. Click 'Post Ideas' 
  3. Type an idea and customize your color
    1. Pro Tip: Use colors for themes, campaigns, content types

Need an Idea?

Creative blocks happen to all of us, that's why we have templates filled with ideas and strategies for you to discover and use for your Instagram posts

  1. Click 'Add' to Space
  2. Click 'Templates' 
  3. Add the template(s) that you want
    1. Need more information, head to our marketplace

Create a Collage

Collages are great for big announcements across many posts, setting a new theme, or creating a unique stand-alone post!

  1. Click 'Add' to Space
  2. Click 'Collage' 
    1. Select your Collage set up
    2. To add Photos to your Collage, tap add 'Media' 
    3. To change your Collage background color, tap 'Background'
    4. To add text to your Collage, tap 'text'
    5. Once you click save, your collage will be added to your Space

Step 3: Schedule Posts

UNUM makes it easy to post to Instagram, you can share your posts:


Update Post

Add Captions 

Add Hashtags


Add to Calendar

Set to Auto-post

Set to remind


Quick Share

Quick Share to Instagram


Step 4: See Your Insights

Get to know your custom Insights




Step 5: Create a Page for your Instagram Bio

Connect with your followers and drive traffic to your Page


How to Create your Page

Read more about your Website Builder

  1. Add your links
  2. Customize your theme
  3. Create your unique Page Handle
  4. Copy your Page link and add it to your Instagram Profile


How to add your Page to your Instagram Profile

  1. Edit your Instagram profile
  2. Add URL to your website section
  3. Read more here

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