How to Switch to Instagram Business Account

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Get the most of your UNUM experience by switching to Instagram Business Account. Having your IG and Facebook page connected allows for more efficient content marketing, especially if you want to boost your following on both platforms.

Converting to a business account gives you access to UNUM Publish, where you can schedule and auto-post photos and videos on your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Tiktok, and more.

If you haven’t switched to IG Business Account, follow the steps here. Once that’s done, you can create and publish content all you want with UNUM Publish. See what’s in store for you!

Note that for you to be able to connect your business pages to one another, you will need an Admin role on your Facebook page. No worries if you do not have an Admin role right away! Talk to one of your page’s admins so they could change your role.

Once you switch your account to an IG Business Account, follow these steps to add your account to UNUM: 

  1. Go to your settings (upper right corner)
  2. Select your Social Accounts
  3. Select "+ Add Instagram Account" 
  4. Continue with Facebook
  5. Log into your Facebook account that is linked with your Instagram Business account 
  6. Once logged in, your Instagram Business account will be added  ✅



Happy content marketing! 🎉 

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