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UNUM for Desktop here

The first one you will see is the Sign-Up / Sign In page. You can sign in with your existing UNUM account credentials, or if it’s your first time - sign up!

Be sure to also download UNUM on your iOS device.



This is what an empty UNUM Web App Dashboard looks like.


You can set up your account with your name and profile in the upper right corner for Account Settings. And then all you need to do is to create a space where you can do your branding and designing work.




Creating Personal Spaces


Click Add New Space. Here you can see two options:

  • IG Feed Pro (must integrate with an existing Instagram account)
  • Storyboards (no need for integration, creative board for Tiktok, Snapchat, among others)






A. The IG Feed Pro requires you to integrate an existing Instagram account, while the Storyboards requires no social media account to be linked as it is solely dedicated as a creative studio (this is best explained here).



After clicking IG Feed Pro, just proceed by allowing full integration to your Instagram account and then you can see your Space created on the sidebar (with the initials used as labels). You can have as many Spaces created.




You can edit the IG Space setting by clicking “...” in the upper right corner. 



  • You can Rename the Space so you can identify and manage them better.
  • You can also Clone Space if you wish to duplicate and make revisions, but still not affect the original Space.
  • And once you’re done with the Space, you can save and return for later or Delete.

Now that you have the Space fully set up, you can now start planning and designing your feed. This is what an empty Space looks like.



Click Media to add your photo or videos, or you can click Placeholder to put as many blank grid spaces which you can fill up in the future -- think of it as helping unlock your ‘creative block.’


You can also click Add Row to automatically add three Placeholders.


Once you have added your content to the Space, you can now drag and drop them to arrange them in whatever way suits your creative vision.


And once your Space feed is filled with different content, you click Shift, which automatically adds one Placeholder at the top and moves all grids to the right. 


You can also use the Color Map feature to assess the hues of your content and arrange them according to your preference.


You can Select each placeholder and add more details to them by clicking Edit Caption. You can Replace or Delete them as well.


You can Preview the images by double-clicking on the grid space you wanted to enlarge.


When you want to upgrade your plan from Basic to Elite, just click the Upgrade button in the upper right corner. You can manage your payment details in the Membership tab.








B. If ever you chose Storyboards instead of IG Feed Pro, no integration is needed. You can change the Space Layout to S1 (Instagram Posts), S2 (IG Stories), S3 (Tiktok), and S4 (Snapchat). And UNUM plans to add more soon!




Storyboards basically have the same features that you can edit by clicking “...” in the upper right corner. But more than being able to Rename, Close, and Delete a Storyboards space, you can even switch the layout to whatever platform you want to use (Tiktok, SnapChat, Stories, etc).


This works best for those who are present on multiple platforms. No need to redo the content you're making from scratch! You can simply Clone an existing space and then Switch the layout to the other platform you plan on posting the same content to. 










Creating Team Spaces


UNUM caters to those who want to create a better brand...and that includes those who work in teams. With the new Teams workspace, you can work on a Space simultaneously with different members.


In the lower-left corner, click the menu to create a Business Plan under our 14-day free trial.

You will then be asked to name your team and then add the members via their email addresses. An email invitation will be sent to them and they just have to click to confirm and access the space you created.



The one who created the Team will be the owner and has the control in managing the features under the Team. 

In the Team Space Account Settings which can be accessed in the upper right corner, all members can see three tabs:

  • Team Information - The owner can edit the profile/details of the teampersonal_settings.jpg
  • Members - This is where the profile, e-mail addresses, and roles of the team members. You can also Remove members in this tab.


  • Membership - This is where the detail about the Team Plan is shown. For accounts in a free trial, team owners can click Upgrade to sign up for a Team Plan that is suitable.



You can check this link to get to know more about the Team Plans. You can see the plans by clicking the Upgrade button in the upper left corner and choosing the plan that fits your team. 


You will then be asked to fill up payment details. Should you wish to change the members of the team or the kind of Plan you want to use, just go to Account Settings and click the Members and Membership tabs, respectively.


By just clicking the upper right corner drop down menu, you can now switch in between your Personal and Team projects through the Dashboard.




  1. Update Billing information for Personal Dashboard
  2. Update Billing information for Team Dashboard



Check out the video guide on what collaboration looks like in the Web App!  




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