Some posts are missing or not showing in the UNUM app

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 few UNUM members have reported that some posts are not showing on their UNUM feed. As it turns out, sometimes the Instagram API is not accurate on what it sends to the UNUM app. Thus, some postd are left out.


Although this is beyond the control of the UNUM team, we launched a new feature of drag-and-insert to address this! A suggested workaround to still replicate one's IG feed is to drag and drop content into the already-published-to-IG portion of the UNUM feed. Just add an image of the Collab/Pinned or any missing post to your Space and insert it into the said part.


This gives UNUM members full control and flexibility over their feed view!


Note: Any and all feed changes will not impact their Instagram account’s content; these custom changes happen only in UNUM


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