How can I post on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest at the same time?

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When you add multiple social media platforms to your UNUM account, you can automatically or manually share your post to multiple platforms. 

Step 1. Connect your social media accounts 

1. Click the profile icon on the lower-right corner of your screen

2. Click social channels >> add social channel

3. Select the type of social media platform

4. Log in to your social media account





Step 2. Selecting social media accounts for cross-platform posting 

1. Select the photo you want to share and tap the edit button

2.  Write your caption. To save time, use the Magic Caption and Hashtags tool

3. Here you can schedule your post by selecting your preffered date and time of posting then click done

4. For cross-platfom posting, tap the + button

5. Next turn on the toggle next to the social media accout of your choice

6. Once done, you can manually or autopost your content across social media platforms 




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