How to Create your BioBar

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"All your links, all in one place. Together, we'll help connect all of you to all your followers!" — Team UNUM




This is what we promised and now we're launching a newly improved BioBar! Become accessible with your audience with just one link for all your social media accounts and all relevant content!


You can create your own BioBar both in the UNUM mobile and web app.


In the web app


1. Click the BioBar logo on the left sidebar.

2. Click the "+" icon above and choose your preferred template.


3. You can start customizing your BioBar with Blocks (left icon) meant for the different sections you want to include, and Appearance (right icon) which is for its overall aesthetic.



  • For Blocks, you can choose among the following that you want to be seen on your BioBar. Just click the "+" if you want it to be added.

  • For Appearance, you can choose the right font style and color, background color and image, among other things.


4. You can rearrange your Blocks by clicking and dragging them.

5. You can also Edit the name for each Block. Or if you change your mind, you can simply Delete it.


6. On the right side, you can see the real-time Preview of your BioBar. Just click on each Block to edit its content. You can also click on the toggle icon to temporarily remove a specific Block on the Preview. Also, you can switch from mobile or web preview by clicking the icons on the upper-right corner.



7. On the upper-right corner, you can click the gear icon to change the visibility status and/or name of your BioBar. You can also Delete the entire BioBar page.



8.  Next to it is the Insights feature where you can see the real-time analytics of the views and clicks of your BioBar.


9. Finally, you can copy the link of your BioBar and post it anywhere in your social media accounts.








In the mobile app


1. Tap the BioBar logo (third) located at the bottom, in between the Space and Account Profile logos.


2. Tap 'Create New Site' from the dropdown menu on the upper-left corner, to work on your first BioBar page.


3. Choose and tap your preferred template among the examples shown.


4. You can start customizing your BioBar template by tapping each section.



5. Add Blocks depending on what you need by tapping the 'Add New Block' yellow icon on the lower-right corner.


6. Change the appearance and style of your BioBar by tapping the edit icon (second).


7. Rearrange your Blocks by tapping on the 'Blocks.' Drag and hold the six dots on the left-most part for each block to change their order.


    • Temporarily remove a Block on your preview by tapping the toggle button on the right-most part of each block.
  • photo_2023-06-20 
    • Permanently remove a Block by swiping left and tapping Delete.


8. Change Site Settings by tapping the gear icon on the upper right-most part.

    • Rename your Biobar by tapping the pencil icon.
  • photo_2023-06-20 
    • Change the visibility of your BioBar. Choose Public if you're ready to have your BioBar published.
    • You can also share the link and delete the page on the Site Settings.




9. See the real-time analytics of the views and clicks of your BioBar.


10. Finally, you can copy the link of your BioBar and post it anywhere in your social media accounts.




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