Will I lose my content if I delete the UNUM app?

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A good way to always stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes is to have the latest version of the app. Sometimes, the UNUM Care Team may suggest that you delete and reinstall the app in order for a bug to be fixed.


But don't worry! All your pre-planned content is safe and will remain in our server. This includes:

  1. Uploaded pre-planned content on the app feed (photos, videos, idea placeholders)
  2. Uploaded files in the Media Library/UNUM Cloud
  3. Saved captions, and team comments on grid posts
  4. Scheduled and set auto-posts for upcoming content

Rest assured that UNUM values the content of our creators, business owners, and freelance workers; we will make they will remain the same when you re-access them.



  • Even without the mobile app installed, you can still view it on the UNUM Web App.
  • All of the mention content, with the exception of saved captions, will still exist. But captions are only visible within the iOS app.


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